I Designed this loader bracket for my parents farm. It seemed like we were spending more time
changing tractor buckets than using the buckets. We seemed to switch between forks and a dirt
bucket quite a bit.  Then we made a manure bucket which became even more cumbersome.  I
designed the loader bracket to make the transition between buckets easier and to make it
possible for one person to change a bucket efficiently.  The bracket is very simple.  The bucket
hangs on the top and has pins on the bottom. If you look at the print in my drafting samples
section you can see this.  The bracket isn't perfect but it is much better than the struggle we had
before. Now instead of spending 15-20 minutes changing a bucket it can be done in 3-5 minutes.
You can see the print for this in the background and in the samples page.
This is the first planetary geared rope machine that I made. The process took a lot of trial and
error but as you can see it works.  Since this is the first one it looks pretty basic.  I have made
more elaborate rope machines but didn't make any videos of them.  I got the Idea of using
wooden gears from my brother who made a simple rope making machine several years ago.  His
machine didn't have planetary gears though.   
This is the first rope machine I made using a scroll saw.  It wasn't very difficult to make the parts but it
did take a little bit of time.  This is a good option for everyone with a scroll saw.
This is a short video of the gears in action.  I turned the machine slowly to show how the gears
mesh together.  As you will see the machine turns smoothly and quietly.
This is a Manure bucket that I designed.  This was one of the first pieces of equipment that I
designed. Anyone who has cleaned a barn knows it can be pretty difficult to clean with just a dirt
bucket.  We priced out new manure buckets and thought we could build one for less than the
price of a new one. We were right.  We were able to build this bucket for under half the price of a
new one. Send me an e-mail if your interested in making something like this. I can help you get
This is a very simple pup cultipacker.  On lots of farms there are old cultipackers that have bad
bearings. There are also old manure spreaders that have good axles but the bed, track, and
beaters are bad.  I found that I could use an axle from a manure spreader as the shaft on a
cultipacker. This worked very well.  Take a look at my samples page for the print of this
cultipacker.  If you would like to build a cultipacker like this I can help you get started.  Send an
e-mail or call me if you are interested.
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