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have dimensions intentionally left off.   These prints are for your reference as a
sample of some of the work I can perform.  These prints were drawn in my spare
time and are not taken from any company that I worked for or for any customer that
hired me.
This is just a sample of the work I can do.  I will update this page with more samples
in the future.
Architectural Drafting
Decks - I designed many of the custom
decks for .  I
designed plans for the
special decks as
well. #5,#6,#7,#8,#9, #10, #11, and #12
are my designs.  Please visit the website if
you would like to purchase any of the
plans. All of special plans on this website
are designed for the homeowner to build.  
They include prints that layout all of the
steps to build a deck and a materials list
that shows all of the lumber and fasteners
SPecial Deck #10
Houses -  I have design several houses
and home modifications.  I designed
this house for Manitoulin Island.  To
get a better View of what the house
would look like I drew a
Mechanical Drafting
Loader bracket
MK Drafting And Design
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