These instructions walk you through the steps of building a geared rope machine.  This machine is based on the traditional
steel rope machine but all of the gears are made out of wood.  The 35 page instruction package includes 15 pages of
instructions and 20 CAD drawn Prints and templates.  The instructions include 2 options for making the gears.  Using the
first option the gears are made with a hole saw and spaded drill bit.  The second option requires the use of a scroll saw or
band saw.

I designed my machine so a person could build their own using common tools  I recommend using the tools below.

Drill press
Spaded bits
hole saws (for Option #1)
Saber saw or scroll saw (for option #2)
drum sander

Although these are the tools I used I think a more advanced wood worker may be able to use alternate tools.

I stand behind my work.  Although I can't give you a refund I can give you unlimited help.
This rope machine made using option #1
This rope machine made using option #2
Made using option #1
Made using option #2
Take a look at pictures of the rope machine that I made.  The rope machine works just like the steel rope machines that
cost over 100 dollars.  If your ready  buy a set of plans click the buy now button below or check ebay.  I occasionally sell
plans there at a reduced rate so you might want to check there first before you buy here.
There are several ways to get the instructions. You can down load the plans using the
download link.  When you purchase the plans you will be given a link to download the
plan immediately.  If you would like them in metric please let me know.  If you have any
problems or concerns with the download please
contact us.
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How To Build a Rope Making Machine
Shipping and Handling
Hard copy mailed within the U.S.
How To Build a Rope Making Machine
Shipping and Handling
Hard copy mailed outside the U.S.
How To Build a Rope Making Machine
Shipping and Handling
If you don't have pay pal you can order the instructions by mail. Print out and complete  the mail order
form.  Mail the form along with a check or money order to the address provided. When payment is
received the instructions will be sent to you.

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