Step 1. Inventory of equipment
Make sure you have everything you need to make rope.  You will need a rope making machine secured to a table, a tail
piece, a length of twine, and a tool to separate the rope.  The tail piece shown in the video is simply a carabiner.  The
carabiner is attached to a weight by a length of twine.  The tail piece is needed to hold the rope tight.

Not shown in the video is the weight at the end of the carabiner. When the rope machine is turned the the rope will shorten
in length.  The caribiner will then need to move ahead.  When making rope make sure that the tail piece can move ahead.  
Step 2. Add Twine
Step 3. Add needle
Step 4. Make rope
Add the twine to the setup.  Start by tying the twine to a hook on the rope making machine. Loop the twine between the
hooks on the machine and the tail piece. When you are finished you should have two strands on each hook.  One hook will
have two knots on it.  Make sure to cut off the excess twine.

This is the step that controls the size of rope you will be making.  The more strands you add the bigger rope you will end up
with.  Make sure that the number of strands on each hook is equal.
Add the needle (rope separator).  Before adding the needle make sure the twine is at equal tension.  It is hard to see on a
short rope but long ropes can have a different tension from strand to strand.  Its important that the all strands have a similar
tension.  Pull on the tail piece to equal out the tension in the strands.  On long ropes you might have to walk the length of
the rope and to equalize the tension.
As you operate the machine move the needle ahead and the rope will start to form
Step 5. Finishing the rope
The last step in making rope is taking it off the machine and tying it off.  
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The last step of making rope is taking the rope of the hook.  There are several ways to take the rope of the hooks.  The
first is to wrap electrical tape around the rope where the strands come together. Then cut off the excess.  The next
method is to take the rope off the hooks and tie a knot in the rope in the area where the strands come together.   With the
second method it is recommended that all the strands be put on one hook and twisted tighter before the knot is tied.
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scroll saw while the second shows how to make gears with a drill.  The scroll saw method
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template that indicates where to drill all the holes.  The machine in the plans is a little
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