Drafting a wide spectrum. From Decks to
Trailers to Rope Making Machines.  I have a
wide range of drafting and engineering
experience and I am continuously expanding my
skills in both 2d and 3d drafting.

If you are looking for a rope making machine
look no further.  I sell the only instructions to
make a planetary geared rope making machine.  
Buy the plans today and start making rope tomorrow.  I
have sold more than 300 sets of plans to date with
very few problems.  With the sale of the plans I
include unlimited help.  This doesn't mean that I will
build the machine for you but I will be available to
answer all of your questions.  Of the 300 plus sets of
plans sold I have only had a few questions. These
were easily cleared up through an e-mail or a phone
Do you want to make miniature bales of straw? I now sell an
instruction manual that will guide you through the process of
building a hand powered all wood baler.  The instructions detail
all of the parts on the machine and instruct for proper assembly
and use.  The machine to the right is the second machine that I
built.  It works very well in hay and straw.  I try to do very intense
testing.  Many times this results with broken parts.  Those parts
are then redesigned and rebuilt until they don't break.  I believe
this is the only way to ensure quality.   
MK Drafting And Design
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